A Family Birthday Party


So my good friend Emma hired me to turn up and surprise her dad last weekend. Once he got over the disappointment of my not being a stripper gram, I think he rather enjoyed the experience. 😉

We’ve come a long old way since the days of rounding the family up, dragging them down to the local photographer’s studio, sitting awkwardly in a formal group and posing for a few blinding shots. Then later, selecting the least uncomfortable looking shot from a small selection of basic and rather unexciting images.

A single posed shot won’t necessarily give you much information about the times and each individual personality,  and it certainly won’t tell a story. To do this, you must embrace the modern style of reportage photography that encompasses a mix of the journalistic with beautiful portraiture. An ordinary family gathering, in this case Jim’s 76th birthday celebration (happy birthday Jim), becomes a story of a few hours in time,  with each and every personality having their chance to shine. I don’t need to tell you anything about Jim or his family. I hardly need to mention his loves or his passions – it’s all here!

Whether you like to take photographs yourself, or prefer to hire someone like me to do it for you, embrace this modern age of family photography. Don’t let all your family memories be low res iphone images, let them be rich and beautiful! 🙂

Thank you all for being such fun. Enjoy the results. Juliet. x