Georgie & James ~ A Seaside Wedding Story


Georgie and James said their wedding vows before friends and family in a location dear to them both.  Having travelled the world and visited exotic places, they found their spiritual home together in the beautiful English seaside resort of Camber Sands near Rye.

For the couple to be able to share their day with loved ones, in a place so close to their hearts, is what made this wedding so very special. Everything about the day felt genuine and just perfect for this couple and the locations of Camber Sands Beach and The Gallivant Hotel. I loved Georgie’s choice of cornflower blue for her bridesmaids, her relaxed  ‘just gathered’ bouquet featuring Eryngium, better known as Sea Holly, and also featured in James’s button hole. The Sea Breeze cocktails on the beach, and all the work Georgie put into making the place settings, beach themed table plan and decorating her starfish wedding cake.

I met up with James and the guys at the Rye Bay Cafe where beers were sunk and stomachs lined with a hearty brunch!

_JMP8592Rye-bay-cafe_JMP8548Groom party_JMP8594Rye Beach cafe_JMP8572Juliet Mckee Photography_JMP8603Rye Bay_JMP8567

Meanwhile back at the couple’s house, Georgie and her bridesmaids were making their final preparations for the day ahead. Do allow yourself to swoon at those Jimmy Choos!

Georgie_JMP8442Bridal jewelleryLace wedding dressWedding DressJimmy Choo Kate shoes_JMP8354Juliet Mckee weddingsJimmy-Choo_JMP8453_JMP8455_JMP8457_JMP8460_JMP8475Mother & bride_JMP8484_JMP8481_JMP8492_JMP8499Gorgeous bride_JMP8519_JMP8529_JMP8537

The 500 year old church of St Mary at Guldeford stands in a meadow usually frequented by sheep. The church is very special, and also very different to your average church, if there is such a thing.

St Marys near RyeSt-Marys-East-Guldeford_JMP8609_JMP8628_JMP8630Ryes weddings_JMP8631East Sussex weddings_JMP8646_JMP8650_JMP8651_JMP8654_JMP8661_JMP8664_JMP8715Bridesmaids_JMP8705_JMP8700_JMP8679Cornflower blue bridesmaids_JMP8728High-fives_JMP8725Perfect bride_JMP8742_JMP8752St-marys-Guldeford_JMP8736_JMP8757Arrival_JMP8810_JMP8812_JMP8778_JMP8781_JMP8784_JMP8791_JMP8801_JMP8804_JMP8808I do_JMP8820_JMP8815_JMP8826_JMP8830_JMP8837_JMP8839_JMP8855_JMP8857_JMP8864_JMP8866_JMP8869_JMP8874Processional_JMP8912_JMP8926_JMP8930_JMP8937_JMP8948Dried flower confetti_JMP8961_JMP8964_JMP8967_JMP8990First kiss_JMP9069_JMP9003_JMP9073_JMP9075_JMP9077_JMP9082Beach party_JMP9083Beach canapes_JMP9092Beach cocktails_JMP9103_JMP9098_JMP9109_JMP9116Camber Sands bride & groom_JMP9127_JMP9151_JMP9143_JMP9155_JMP9158Gallivant-wedding-photographerEast-Sussex-wedding-photographer_JMP9187_JMP9290_JMP9192_JMP9196Camber Wedding Photography_JMP9231_JMP9223_JMP9238_JMP9246Camber weddings_JMP9253_JMP9252_JMP9264_JMP9269_JMP9274_JMP9279_JMP9311Beach bride_JMP9401_JMP9404_JMP9405_JMP9413_JMP9331_JMP9333_JMP9358_JMP9364_JMP9376_JMP9378_JMP9453_JMP9315_JMP9456_JMP9528_JMP9529Beach weddings_JMP9014Seaside themed wedding_JMP9056Gallivant service_JMP9062Beach themed wedding_JMP9033_JMP9472Sea theme wedding_JMP9058Seaside wedding theme_JMP9461Beach wedding flowers_JMP9463_JMP9025Cheese cake_JMP9466Starfish-wedding-cake_JMP9059_JMP9042Candy bar_JMP9533_JMP9530_JMP9539_JMP9546_JMP9559_JMP9551

Unbeknown to Georgie, her dad had arranged for classical operatic singers ‘Waiters Encore’ to surprise everyone by bursting into song. All I can say is the result was mass euphoria ending with a river of tears and emotions to Puccini’s Nessun Dorma.

_JMP9570_JMP9572_JMP9577_JMP9580_JMP9582_JMP9591_JMP9598_JMP9605_JMP9611_JMP9614_JMP9618_JMP9624_JMP9626_JMP9635_JMP9641_JMP9642_JMP9653_JMP9655_JMP9661_JMP9662_JMP9684_JMP9689_JMP9703_JMP9714_JMP9728_JMP9729_JMP9731_JMP9738_JMP9743_JMP9744_JMP9750_JMP9756_JMP9760_JMP9761_JMP9763_JMP9768_JMP9772_JMP9777_JMP9779_JMP9783_JMP9790_JMP9809_JMP9815_JMP9817_JMP9818_JMP9822_JMP9824_JMP9827_JMP9833_JMP9840_JMP9843_JMP9845_JMP9849_JMP9851_JMP9853_JMP9858_JMP9871_JMP9874_JMP9877_JMP9881Juliet Mckee Photo booth 2Juliet Mckee Photobooth 3Juliet Mckee Photobooth 4Juliet Mckee Photobooth 5Juliet-Mckee-Photo-booth-1

Venue – The Gallivant, Camber, East Sussex

Church – St Mary East Guldeford

The Dress – sample from Johanna Hehir Bridal

The Shoes – ‘Lynda’ by Jimmy Choo

The Earrings –  from Beaut, Greys Market, London

Bracelet – Coast

Flowers – Café des Fleurs

Singing waiters – Waiters Encore

Don’t go yet, come and have a look at Georgie’s and James’s Camber Sands engagement shoot.