A Very Green Birthday


The problem with being Emma, the mastermind behind so many creative professional projects, is that planning a private celebration must create a bit of a dilemma.  That being, how does one create a special birthday party for a very loved family member, without utilising all the talents of a trusty team of fellow creatives. Blowing up a few balloons and putting on a lovely spread is never going to make the grade again, not when you know people like floral temptress Gayle of Bloomin’gayles and Andrea of Cake By Sugar, mistress of her servants; Butter Egg and Flour, who together produce rather naughty ‘naked cakes’.

And so it was, that I was given the assignment of capturing ‘Pops’ 75th birthday party. Pops, as you will see, is a keen gardener and has been growing vegetables for many years. What better theme for a birthday party! When the fruit, or should I say ‘vegetables’ of your labour brings a tear to the birthday boy’s eyes, then you know you have pulled off a very special party, and so this team did!

Happy birthday Pops, and thank you Emma and Marshy for asking me to capture it.

Floral and vegetable decor, flower arrangements, amazing bulb wreath, bird cages etc by Gayle of Bloomin’gayles.

Veggie themed ‘naked cake’ and veggie cake pops, cookies and cupcakes by Andrea of Cake By Sugar.