The Best Friends Project

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Here is something rather beautiful and unusual. Portraits of the Ellis family along with their beloved chooks; Lady Penelope, Molly, Sandy, Candy, Cookie and Clover. A family portrait session like you’ve never seen before!

I recently started a personal project which is really close to my heart – the Best Friends project. I am so fortunate to be able to do a job that I love, but as a professional photographer it’s important to keep that passion alive by shooting for yourself as well. Not because you have a brief, not because you are paying the bills, not even because it’s your way of giving back which is lovely, but because it makes me very happy and enriches my entire working life.

As an animal lover (and usually people), this project is just so worthwhile.  I could have spent some time chatting and loosening everyone up before taking their photograph, but what I got was an instant take of their real personalities.  The images demonstrate the close bond the family share with their chooks and also with each other. Looking at them I realise that what animals do so well is unlock our deepest emotions, and enable us to experience the purest of feelings – unconditional love. They reflect the very best parts within us. That’s super special.

Thank you Ellis family for taking part in my project. I hope these images give you a chuckle, a smile, and lots of pleasure through the years. J x

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