Bevan & Jade ~ Autumn Engagement Photography

 Windsor Great Park, November 2013

Jade & Bevan e shoot-84

We had been plotting and scheming Bevan and Jade’s Autumn engagement shoot for quite a few weeks, but every time the date arrived the weather turned worse than bad and it seemed we were jinxed. Then finally last Sunday, bingo! Perfect weather conditions for our Windsor Great Park session.

I’ve known model Jade for some time,  and photographed her on several occasions. It is always an absolute pleasure and her amazing looks have helped me capture some of my best ever creative work.  She is quite simply divine!  This shoot is really special though, because I got to photograph Jade and her lovely guy Bevan, in a more intimate  relaxed and natural scenario. It was such a lovely shoot (the light was to die for), and I count myself very lucky to have been picked by this awesome couple to be their photographer.

J & B, thank you for being super cool, highly gorgeous, and for making my job so much fun. J x

Jade & Bevan e shoot-21Jade & Bevan e shoot-1Jade & Bevan e shoot-41BevanJade & Bevan e shoot-37JadeJade & Bevan e shoot-38Jade & Bevan e shoot-47Jade & Bevan e shoot-66Autumn engagementJade & Bevan e shoot-63Jade & Bevan e shoot-61Jade & Bevan e shoot-71Jade engagement shootJade & Bevan e shoot-72Jade & Bevan e shoot-83Jade & Bevan e shoot-82Beautiful-engagementJade & Bevan e shoot-80Jade & Bevan e shoot-67Jade & Bevan e shoot-69Jade & Bevan e shoot-3Jade & Bevan e shoot-11Hunter welliesJade & Bevan e shoot-9Jade & Bevan e shoot-10Jade & Bevan e shoot-29Jade & Bevan e shootJade & Bevan e shoot-35Windsor engagement shoot

Jade’s makeup by MUA Carolanne Armstrong