Carolanne & Luke ~ Fetcham Park Wedding Photography

Fetcham Park wedding-241

Today I’d like to share with you the very lovely wedding of Carolanne and Luke. It was a wonderfully special day with family and friends coming together to celebrate this utterly gorgeous couple.

Carolanne is a very talented makeup artist and we have worked together many times, so it was an absolute honour to be asked to capture her own special day. I was aided and abetted by a small army of wedding professionals all absolutely brilliant in their chosen field, and all friends! I was excited and couldn’t wait, I was also VERY nervous!

There is so much to love about this wedding.  Carolanne’s look – just wow (Sharon you did an amazing job on Carolanne’s hair).  The dress and as you will see, with a stunning bespoke addition for the evening courtesy of Emma at Miss Bush! The flowers – oh wow Gayle, girl you just keep on getting better. The venue, Fetcham Park, could not have been more perfect. I seriously swear there was a point during the evenings Ceidlah that I felt I was an extra on the set of Monarch Of The Glen! Such a brilliant day, wonderful atmosphere, and one blissfully happy couple. Perfect.

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Watch the wonderful film (and a bit of me in action) by John Harris Media

Venue –  Fetcham Park

Wedding Coordination – Bride & Glory

Vintage Crockery – A Cup Of Vintage

The Dress – Jesus Peiro at Miss Bush Bridalwear

Monochrome chevron sash – Original piece by Miss Bush Bridalwear

Hair – Sharon Roberts of Wonderful Wedding Hair

Flowers – Bloomin’gayles

Stationery – Golden Apple Designs

Table Plan – Luke’s sister – amazing ha?

Fab newspaper heart – Carolanne!

Naked multi tiered cake – Cake By Sugar