Carolanne & Luke ~ Woodland Engagement Shoot

Here’s a beautiful something for you this rainy Monday afternoon. Carolanne and Luke are two people just made for one another, like 2 peas in a pod. You know those loved up couples you spend time with? The kind who are just so happy together that a little bit of it rubs off on you? That’s them.

I met up with the pair yesterday for their pre-wedding engagement shoot. I must confess there wasn’t much pre-shoot relaxation to be done because Carolanne, who is an amazing make up artist, is a good friend of mine, so the couple were happy to get down to business straight away. I would however recommend not booking your e shoot for the day after your stag do. Luke, given the circumstances you did a stellar job. 😉

The couple will marry at Fetcham Park later this month, and I can’t wait. If  Carolanne’s ‘on message’ scarf is anything to go by,  it promises to be a top wedding with a splash of tartan and maybe even a Ceilidh or two.

Carolanne and Luke –  I’ll see you two very soon. J.x