Fabulous Great Fosters Wedding

A fun and fabulous Summer wedding at Great Fosters Hotel

A fabulous Great Fosters bride and groom at sunset.

They love each other to bits, and I LOVED everything about their wedding. That’s a whole lot of love. 🙂

When I first received Darren and Victoria’s wedding enquiry last year, I was super excited as Great Fosters has got to be my favourite wedding venue. Of course I may be slightly biased as Mr Mckee and I celebrated our nuptials there ooh some 16 years ago…. la la la la la I’m not really that old!

How would I describe Darren and his (self confessed) blog stalking lovely lady?  Fun, enthusiastic, relaxed and confident in front of the camera, ready to have fun and enjoy the whole photography side of their day. Just a really genuinely nice pair who I warmed to straight away.

I began my coverage at the couple’s home where Victoria, her mum and gorgeous bridesmaids were putting the final touches to their chic, stylist bouffanted look.  I absolutely loved Victoria’s frock with its delicate lace, and also the vintage style aqua bridesmaids’ frocks, all perfectly complimented with delicious pale pink peony bouquets.

Keep an eye out for the fabulous hand painted touches throughout the day, including a wonderful card created for Darren to present to Victoria, all by their talented artist friend.

OK Darren and Victoria, it’s your turn to be the stars of my blog, enjoy!!! J x

If you enjoyed this wedding and would like to see another wedding photographed at Great Foster follow this link.

Getting readyDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-2Bridal makeupDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-3Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-4Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-5Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-6Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-7Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-8Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-9Excited brideDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-10Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-11Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-12Mother of the brideDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-14Little flower girlsDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-15Pale jade colour schemeDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-16Getting into wedding dressDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-18The dressDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-19Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-20Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-21Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-22Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-26Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-27darren & bestmanDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-28The groomDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-29Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-30Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-31Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-33Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-32Flower girlsDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-35Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-36Lovely bridesmaid in peppermintDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-38Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-40Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-41Arrival of the bride

St Mary’s church in Walton-On-Thames turned out to be pretty strict church when it comes to photography, so I wasn’t able to capture as much of the ceremony as I would have liked. However I really love these images, including Darren as he see’s Victoria, and the pride captured on her grandad’s face as he walked her up the aisle.

It was a beautiful service with reading’s by close family and friends, and truly wonderful solos by friends Helen and Andy. Absolutely fabulous.

Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-1-2Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-2-2Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-42Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-43Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-44Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-46Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-45Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-47Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-48Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-49Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-50Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-51Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-52Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-53Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-54Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-55Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-57

One of my all time favourite wedding photos. This sums up Darren and Victoria and their affection for each other so perfectly.

Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-58Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-59Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-60Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-61Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-62Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-63Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-64Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-65Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-66Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-67Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-68Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-69Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-70Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-71Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-72Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-73Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-74Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-77Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-78Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-79Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-80Great FostersDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-126Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-127Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-128Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-129Rose Garden at Great FostersDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-81Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-82Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-83Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-84Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-85Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-86Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-87Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-88Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-89Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-90Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-91Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-92Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-93Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-94Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-95Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-96Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-97Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-98Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-99Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-100Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-101Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-102Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-103Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-122Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-118Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-119Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-120Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-121Grooms party photography-1Grooms party photography-2Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-123Grooms party photography-3Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-124Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-125Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-136Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-130Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-131Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-132Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-133Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-134Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-135Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-108Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-113The Tithe barn Great FostersDarren & Victoria 3.7.14-111Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-114Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-110Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-112Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-115Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-107Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-117Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-137Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-138Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-139Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-140Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-141Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-144Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-145Great Fosters speeches-1Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-146Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-147Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-148Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-149Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-150Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-151Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-152Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-153Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-154Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-155Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-156Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-157Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-158Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-159Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-160Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-161Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-162Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-163Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-164Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-165Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-166Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-167Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-168Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-195Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-169Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-170Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-171Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-172Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-173Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-174Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-175Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-176Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-177Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-178Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-179Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-180Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-181Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-182Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-183Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-184Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-185Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-186Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-187Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-189Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-190Great Fosters Wedding Phoographers-1Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-191Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-192Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-193Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-196Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-197Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-198Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-199Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-200Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-201Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-202Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-203Darren & Victoria 3.7.14-204

Wedding dress – Intuzuri

Shoes – Fondant by Pink, customised by Victoria

Flowers –Helgaz Flowers

Venue – Great Fosters 

Hand painted watercolour card, table names and place settings, all by talented artist friend of Victoria and Darren- R.B Stevens