Introducing Trudi Murray ~ Artist And Illustrator

Introducing Trudi Murray – Artists And Illustrator

Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-11

In my last post I introduced you to artist and illustrator Trudi Murray. I’ve been working with Trudi on producing images of her at work in her studio, and cataloging her work to update her website and enhance her social media presence. You can take a look at what we achieved in my post Lifestyle Photography ~ Artist Trudi Murray. For this latest post it’s all about the portrait.

Trudi is such a genuinely lovely lady. You may remember I asked her to describe herself in 10 words which were; Bold, gentle, friendly. Sensitive, beautiful, different. Joyful, controlled. Free. Intelligent. As I sit here putting this post together, I am struck by how these photographs depict all of these things, in good measure! I am confident that those seeing these images and encountering Trudi for the first time will get a strong sense of who she is, and when it comes to portraiture, I couldn’t really ask for more.

Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-2Trudi Murray Surrey artistProfessional portraits for Trudi Murray-5Trudi Murray portrait sessionProfessional portraits for Trudi Murray-8Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-6Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-3Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-9Professional portraits for Trudi Murray-10profile photographProfessional portraits for Trudi Murray-14Trudi Murray portraitThe artist Trudi Murray -1-7Relaxed portraits SurreyProfessional portraits for Trudi Murray-16The artist Trudi Murray -1See Trudi at work in the studio in my Lifestyle Post –Artist Trudi Murray.

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