Jenny & John ~ Engagement Photography


I have been so looking forward to Jenny and John’s engagement shoot. From the moment they walked into my house, I knew we would get along, indeed become friends – and I say this in all honesty (and no Jenny, it has nothing to do with the homemade cakes you brought). 🙂

Jenny and John are just beautiful people. Warm, giving and a pleasure to spend time with.  I know I sometimes go on a bit about establishing a rapport with my clients, but it really is so important. We need to get on and we need to feel comfortable in each other’s presence. When this happens,  there is mutual trust. For instance, Jenny and John trusted me when I asked them to walk in the long grass and ignore the grass snakes, they trusted me when I said go for a paddle, I’m sure it wasn’t that cold, and they trusted me when I asked them to pose in front of a wild stag. I did assure them that if I saw it running towards us while their backs were turned, I’d let them know. I’m very caring like that. 😉

The couple will marry exactly a year to the day of our shoot, and I know it’s going to be really special.

Jenny and John, I think you are lovely. Enjoy your photographs. Juliet. x

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