Sunny London Engagement Photography

An Early Morning London Engagement Shoot

I was really looking forward to this engagement shoot. I hadn’t seen Louise and Laurence since they came to see me way back in April and it was great to spend more time getting to know them. Louise in particular is very arty, and the couple put lots of thought into where they wanted to go and how they wanted the shoot to feel.

We arranged to meet up early on Sunday morning in the heart of the west end having rescheduled from the day before. You will remember that Saturday was pretty nasty weather wise, but not Sunday. Sunday was a dream. We photographers talk of the ‘golden hour’, that time at the end of the day when the sun hangs low and the light is golden and soft. Well being November, we had this for our entire shoot. It was perfect!

We started at Piccadilly, headed on to Trafalgar Square, and then made our way down across the Thames to the Southbank. Louise and Laurence are such a great couple and we had a whole pile of fun! If you are prepared to dance together in Trafalgar Square at 8.45 in the morning just because some silly photographer asks you to then you are OK by me. Enjoy.