Surrey Teenage And Equine Photography

A Touching Teenage Photo shoot with Katie & Her Horse Alfie

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I’ve known Katie and her family since she was a little girl in reception (along with my eldest son). The years have gone by so quickly and now she’s teenage and moving on to sixth form education and the next stage of her life. It really is a time of coming of age, and great to be marked with a special portrait session.

What a treat to be asked to meet Katie, along with her beloved horse Alfie, mum and sister at the stables for a special school leaver come 16th birthday session. Katie has become such a lovely young lady and these photographs actually make me feel rather emotional. There is just something so special about the bond between horse and rider. There is friendship and there is a mutual trust, and lets face it, it’s every girl’s dream to have a pony of her own. Towards the end of our shoot Katie’s little sister Anna joined us with her equally gorgeous pony. I hope they will always cherish these photographs and look back upon this time with great delight.

Now, roll the ‘Black Beauty’ titles while I fetch my hanky!

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