A Bridal Collection Launch – Suzanne Neville 2017 Portrait Collection


Earlier this year I visited Suzanne Neville’s production studios to capture all the preparations for the May launch of her 25th Anniversary 2017 Portrait Collection and I hope to share a selection of these with you soon – they are fascinating. I was able to see the work that goes into producing a bridal couture collection eagerly awaited by both bridal retailers and brides to be. The hands on production process, the attention to detail, and Suzanne’s personal involvement, all mean her wedding dress collections are amongst the most popular in the UK. I’ve captured many an ecstatic bride wearing a Suzanne Neville gown, so for me to have this exclusive behind the scenes access to the whole process of producing the 2017 Portrait Collection has been fantastic.

Following on from the design and production process, Suzanne asked if I would attend the Portrait collection launch at the Tower Of London to shoot backstage images of her catwalk show. My brief was to candidly (and stylishly) capture the atmosphere.  I saw this as an opportunity to continue telling the story of a wedding dress; from the beginning of its journey as a simple pencil drawing, to being carefully stitched from fabric and lace. As I said to Suzanne, it’s incredible to think that each and every dress will have its own story, and will be part of the bride and groom’s history for the rest of their lives.  In a way a wedding dress is so much more than a material object, it is the bride’s hopes and dreams. The focus of many hours of planning and anticipation. It will surround her, make her feel amazing, and gather oohs and aahs from every person who sees her wearing it.  Most importantly it will draw a gasp from the one she is about to marry as she walks up the aisle, and they will hold her close and remember how she looked and felt. This is why wedding dresses are so special, and why launching a new bridal collection is so exciting.

From catwalk launch to bridalwear stockists keen to get hold of the new collection.  Brides searching with excitement and trepidation who will find THE dress and it will just feel right. The next stage of the story will involve someone like me on the wedding day, camera in hand, capturing the little details. Nervous fingers doing up buttons, laying out hems, carefully positioning veils. The big reveal (oh the reveal!!), the gasps, the tears as they run down her mum and dad’s faces, the admiring glances, the looks of love. Many of those brides will be wearing dresses that began their life as one of Suzanne’s pencil drawings, and they will look and feel utterly fantastic. What an absolute privilege to be a part of this whole wonderful process for all involved.

You can find out more about the 2017 Portrait Collection on Suzanne’s blog .

Suzanne Neville Portrait Collection 2017 (4 of 5)candid fashion show photography
Suzanne Neville Portrait Collection 2017 (3 of 5)
Suzanne Neville Portrait Collection 2017 (2 of 5)Behind the scenes of a cat walk show-57Portrait Collection launch 2017fashion show photographyLocation – Headquarters of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers HM Tower of London.

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