Mauritius Honeymoon Photography ~ {Bethan & Danny}

A sundrenched honeymoon session at Turtle Bay, Mauritius

I’ve just returned from a long awaited trip to Mauritius and it probably won’t surprise those who know me to hear that my camera came too! We stayed in a beautiful location, Turtle Bay, with lush surroundings, a fabulous beach, and the most amazing sunsets.

One night at the bar, whilst working my way through the all-inclusive cocktail menu (obviously),  I started chatting to Bethan and Danny. Maybe it was the sight of two young loved-up honeymooners, the warm evening and the beautiful light, or maybe it was just the Tequila, but I found myself offering them a honeymoon photo shoot. 🙂

Bethan & Danny, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay. Thanks for being such good sports! Enjoy your photographs. Juliet x

Location ~ Maritim Hotel, Balaclava/Turtle Bay, Mauritius