Petersham Nurseries Engagement Shoot

A Summer Engagement Shoot At Petersham Nursery

Yesterday I met up with Simran and Andrew at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond for their prewedding engagement shoot. We’d previously only chatted via Facetime, so it was really great to meet up with them and have a good chat about their forthcoming wedding at Sezincote House.

The couple chose Petersham Nurseries because it’s a favourite location and somewhere special to them. I’ve always wanted to visit and so it was the perfect place to meet, and the weather was absolutely glorious!

Like most couples I meet, they were a little concerned about the whole ‘being pointed at with a camera’ business, but they really need not have worried. They look so good together, so stylish, and were an absolute joy to spend time with and I’m now super excited about capturing their Cotswolds wedding in July. From our chat I can tell it’s going to be an extraordinarily beautiful day, and they are such a lovely couple it’s bound to be a really rewarding day for me too.

Simran and Andrew, you were great sports and you look AMAZING! See you in July. J x

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