Way Up North – Rome

I have so many thoughts and ideas going around in my head after Way Up North Rome. I’ve come away feeling totally refreshed, creatively energised, and as if my brain’s had a reboot.

I took some snaps during my 3 day stay and decided to just have some fun with the edit. I say snaps because every shot was spontaneous and taken without over thinking it. I’ve tried some new stuff and not worried about the images conforming to my usual look and style. Sometimes I think we hem ourselves in when we are professional photographers, we feel we have to deliver to our clients exactly the look that made them want to book us in the first place.  Using the same processing all the time can limit us and as creatives we naturally want to grow, develop and evolve.   So I wanted to just go ‘freestyle’ and reproduce how I felt when I looked through the camera and clicked the shutter. I want to feel more emotionally connected to my images and get results that tell people how I felt as well as what I saw. I’ve learnt through listening to the great lineup of speakers, to inject more of myself into my ‘art’. Shoot for myself, be true to myself, produce work that others will feel an emotional connection to. I can’t appeal to everyone, but I will appeal to someone.

Thank you Cole and Jakob for another wonderful Way Up North. Thank you for all your hard work and your vision. Thank you to each and every speaker. Genuinely (feeling very loved up towards you all right now, as well as a tad hungover still). I’m off for an early night to dream some dreams of inspirational talks, lovely new friends and aquaintences, rivers of Prosecco, and that massive steak in mustard cream sauce I cleaned up the other night. Thank you. J x

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