Smoke Bomb Engagement Session

A Colourful Smoke Bomb Engagement Shoot

I’m so happy to share Corinne and Richard’s colourful smoke bomb engagement shoot with you today. It’s an absolute corker.

I’ve know Corinne for several years as she is the boutique manager at Miss Bush in Ripley. We’ve worked on many projects with the team, creating inspirational bridal shoots and covering events, but now it’s Corinne’s turn to be the bride. She’ll marry Richard next month at Wotton House near Guildford, and I can’t wait to be there to capture the day for this brilliant pair.

As you can imagine Corinne has chatted to many many brides in her capacity as boutique manager, so when it came to her own engagement shoot, she wanted to try something just a little bit different. When they suggested bringing some smoke bombs along for a little play,  I was pretty chuffed. It’s a first for me and I was really keen to try them out (we’ll be using more on the wedding day). The couple live locally to me, so we chose a favourite location that has both heath and woodland, and with a cold crisp but sunny morning, it turned out to be the perfect day.

A couple of tips if you are using a smoke bomb. It obviously needs to be a dry day, and consider the wind direction. I have some funny outtakes where we set up a shot, the wind changed direction, and Corinne and Rich had to quickly reposition themselves. Make sure you place the smoke bomb on a dry surface that isn’t going to catch fire, such as a stone or rock, and make sure it’s fully out and not smouldering. They burn quickly, so plan your shot and be ready! Oh and have some water with you in case you do start a fire (we didn’t but I checked Rich had a full bladder first). 🙂

Corinne and Rich, thanks so much for making it an excellent shoot. We managed to get away without any mishaps. No forest fires, rescue parties or calling in of army helicopters, and I hope you love the results. See you both next month. J

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